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Company manufacturer the phone cases on the philosophy of protection with convenience.

The key concept is how we can transform the wallet into convenience in terms of carrying daily belongings and at the same time to protect the smartphone. We consider various important factors in designing and makings wallet cases, especially the fit of smart phone in the wallet, easy Access to the smart phone buttons, enough pockets to accommodate the bank cards and money, wider pockets to easily insert & taking out the bank cards. Choosing the durable leather material is another vital factor. We take extra care in making these cases and do more focus on the practicality of the wallet case. Our products are self-designed, well-made & exclusive made in the workshop using best materials and exceptional workmanship.

Customer’s satisfaction is our main priority. We always welcome and appreciate customer's feedback that gives us a chance to enhance & improve our product & services.

4090 Ridgeway Drive,
Unit 22-23 Mississauga ON
L5L 5X5 

Toll Free 1-888-390-7178
Monday - Friday, 9AM - 4PM