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  • January 29, 2016
  • Alina CM&CS

3 Problems A Cell Phone Wallet Case Solves

We’ve talked about how nice it is to be able to keep your cell phone, credit cards, license, and cash all in once place. But it seems that our cases go well beyond that. So we asked the questions to some of our users: “What problems does having a cell phone wallet case solve?” Here are their answers. “You can’t...

  • January 25, 2016
  • Alina CM&CS

3 Things That Could Hurt Our Cell Phone Wallet Business (But Won't)

Companies don’t often like to admit that they have any weaknesses, but we have to admit that, as strong as business is, there are a few things that would hurt different aspects of our business. The good thing is, these things aren’t coming anytime soon! What are they? Longer batteries: Here’s the thing about cell phone batteries: they have gotten...

  • January 15, 2016
  • Alina CM&CS

Who’s Buying Our Cell Phone Battery Cases?

If you’re one of the few people on the planet who doesn’t complain about how quickly their cell phone uses up power, then you might wonder who exactly needs our cell phone battery cases. Who are these people burning up their charge? Turns out it’s just about everyone, but here are some specific cases. People with unlimited data: Talking really...

  • January 05, 2016
  • Alina CM&CS

3 Things You’re Going To Save By Buying Your Cell Phone Wallet From Us

If you’ve been searching for cell phone wallets, you might think you have to keep checking over and over again to compare the features and how much they protect your phone. We’d like to suggest that you stop looking, because we have everything you need right here at What can we save you? Save You Money: We set out...

  • November 30, 2015
  • Alina CM&CS

3 Common Questions We Get About Our Cell Phone Wallets

Here at, we like to keep things as simple as possible. While our smartphone cases work as both a wallet and a cell phone case, they’re designed to be easy to use, compact, and, most important, protective. But with simplicity comes more questions. Here are three of the most common we get here at Are They Real Leather?:...