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3 Problems A Cell Phone Wallet Case Solves

We’ve talked about how nice it is to be able to keep your cell phone, credit cards, license, and cash all in once place. But it seems that our cases go well beyond that.

So we asked the questions to some of our users: “What problems does having a cell phone wallet case solve?” Here are their answers.

“You can’t call your wallet.” — We saw someone using one of our cell phone wallets and asked them what he liked most about it. HIs response: “You can’t call your wallet.”

At first we were confused, but then he told us that he was constantly losing his wallet around the house, and that going anywhere was always a pain because he was leaving his wallet in the bathroom, in the couch cushions, or in the pants he just put in the dirty laundry. When you keep everything together, you can call from a friend’s phone and voila!, you’ve found your phone and your wallet.

“You’re not going to forget anything.” — Not long ago you had to load up your pockets with everything you’d need to head out...keys, wallet, iPod, cell phone, loose change. And when you need a list to remember everything just so that you can head to the coffee shop, you’re bound to leave something behind every so often. A cell phone wallet solves that problem, especially if you’ve attached your keys to the ring that’s on so many of our smartphone cases. A cell phone wallet case makes “grab it and go” so much easier.

“I hate screen protectors.” — This person really likes a clean, scratch-free screen but really hates those plastic screen protectors. Getting a cell phone wallet case allows you to do away with those plastic sheets and protect your phone’s screen with a flap that will keep everything else you need throughout the day.

When you think about it, cell phone wallets solve a lot of problems. What problem can they solve for you? Try on and find out!


  • January 29, 2016
  • Alina CM&CS