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3 Common Questions We Get About Our Cell Phone Wallets

Here at, we like to keep things as simple as possible. While our smartphone cases work as both a wallet and a cell phone case, they’re designed to be easy to use, compact, and, most important, protective.

But with simplicity comes more questions. Here are three of the most common we get here at

Are They Real Leather?: Our cell phone wallet cases are made from top-quality synthetic leather, and it’s hard to tell the difference from the real thing. Why? First of all, it allows us to keep the price down. Real leather is expensive (not because cowhides are rare, but because of the laborious process of making it.) Second, we’re able to broaden our client-base by appealing to those who just aren’t interesting carrying around something leather.

Are The Magnets Safe For Phones and Credit Cards?: Yes! Because the magnet is located on the phone side (as opposed to the credit card side) the magnet is perfectly safe for the magnetic strips on credit cards.

It used to be important to keep magnets away from computer hard drives because of their magnetic hard drives. Phones of today use flash memory, which is unaffected by magnets.

Are the Cases For Older Phones Just Leftovers?: Not at all! We’re still making cases for old phones because some people just can’t say goodbye to their iPhone 4! Their old case might have worn out before the phone did, and they’re interested in protecting their phone as much as if they’d just bought it last week.


  • November 30, 2015
  • Alina CM&CS