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5 Disadvantages To Just Getting Any Old Smartphone Case

Some people spend so much of their money on their phone and their cell phone plan that they forget to set aside a little money for a really good cell phone wallet case. At that point they go searching the internet for “cheapest iPhone case” in order to save a few dollars. They’re perfectly happy with it...for the first three days, until something goes wrong.

What’s going wrong with these cases, and why is it worth a few extra dollars to go ahead and get a  good cell phone wallet.

Bad cases aren’t  made to exacting specifications: What good is a smartphone case if the smartphone falls out of it? That’s one thing you’ll find with the cheaper cell phone cases. The overseas manufacturers of these cases have them priced so low that they can’t afford to take a wash on any of them, so they reuse parts of the cases for phones they weren’t designed for.

When it comes to our cell phone wallet cases, we make sure to tool every single one so that it fits your make and model perfectly, and so that it closes perfectly and keeps your phone exactly where you want the protective case

They’ll wear out: How many cheaply made things hold up that well? We’re not just talking about cell phone related items, we’re talking about everything in life. When it comes to the cheapest of the cheap cell phone wallets, you’re going to notice them wearing out almost immediately. They’re simply made of lesser materials, including the magnets they use which give out quickly.

There’s a sweet spot in price / value, and that’s exactly where you’ll find the cases we make here at You might spend twice as much for a smartphone case, but we can get you 95% of the protection for half the price. Plus those don’t have all of the amenities. Speaking of which...

They don’t have all of the amenities: When you buy a cheap smartphone case, it’s there for protection (what there is of it) and that’s about it. You’re not going to find things like a window for your license, spaces for your cards, or a pocket for your cash. You’re going to get all of these on the cell phone wallets we have.

Drop it once…: Most cheap cell phone wallet cases are made from cheap materials and they break the first time you drop a racecar, they’re designed to break so that the broken parts take the drop-energy and disperse it away from the phone. A simple concept that works well, but only once. Then you have to buy another one, and another, and another, until you’ve spent more on broken cases than you would have on one good case.

They’re bulky: This is one of the worst parts of a cheap cell phone case. Because they’re made from lesser materials, they have to be larger and thicker in order to provide any protection. That makes them heavier and harder to carry around with you all day.

When it comes to getting a good cell phone wallet, spend a few extra dollars and get a good one from us! You’ll be glad you did, drop after drop after drop!



  • November 16, 2015
  • Alina CM&CS